…Just a Little Something to Take the Edge Off.

In honor of 4/20, Art on the Rogue blogger—Hailey—participated in a ‘pot event’ hosted by SOU’s Resident Hall Association.

Being the precise day many college-age individuals are participating in cannabis oriented activities, I celebrated in my own way. This involved expressing creativity and artistic skills by acrylic painting pots. The RHA provided planting pots, paint, soil and succulents for students to create an arrangement and take home. My room is full of various assorted succulents, the piece I designed adds to the funk sway of my personal space. This event also allowed me to connect and share similar interests with fellow students.

Why celebrate Earth Day? It all started in the seventies when hippies wanted to alert national and worldwide government agencies of the harm being wreaked on earth’s environment. They brought awareness to the adverse consequences of industry pollution, toxic dumping, pesticides and other various negative impacts on our environment. Now every year schools, colleges and environmental groups from over 150 countries celebrate Earth Day. Internationally, Earth Day raises awareness about the environmental impact as we rapidly continue to industrialize and develop.

Earth week is in full swing, so go celebrate, promote sustainability and appreciate the environment!


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