Coming Soon! Oregon Fringe Festival!

16640998_1415006771877439_7680383800957342695_nTo all the unique art lovers out there reading our blog, I may have found something for you. The 2017 Fringe Festival is fast approaching, and I have a feeling it is something you may want to check out. Developed in 2014 by Southern Oregon Students themselves, Fringe is a breath of fresh air for artists, and those who appreciate art themselves. Look at this festival as a boundary bending, in fact, a no-boundaries-at-all festival. With performance art, music, and visual arts, there is a little something for every artist and audience member alike. Fringe opens doors for artists who wish to experiment with art forms that are unconventional, as well as collaborate with other artists outside their usual medium. This festival is not only unique and a wee bit odd, but it is a ton of fun that offers up that intriguing Ashland quirk. Fringe festival takes place May 3-6 this year. For more information, as well as some videos and pictures check out their Facebook link below!



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