Illustrators to Filmmakers at SOU’s EMcon4

What’s up my art lovers!
This last Friday, May 19th, was Southern Oregon University’s fourth annual EMcon event! If you weren’t able to make it out don’t you worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are a few of the awesome people that were there and the work they showcased this year!


Junie Maupin
Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: @juniemaupin

Junie is one of the artists at this year’s convention. She had a ton of different artwork that had been done over a couple of years to show off like this one!

These drawings were done in both the digital and traditional medium. Overall I thought the art was super cute, and I hear there is a possible children’s book in the making! How cool!

Noe Benites
Instagram and Twitter: @NO_EHHH

This was one of my favorite things to see at the convention! Noe has made a couple different shoe designs that he had on display along with a prototype of one of the shoes! This was awesome because you could see his entire process and actually hold the first version of his shoe. Super cool and I’m sure a LOT of work!

Paris Hall
Instagram: @potatesart

Paris is a character concept artist and also had some pretty cool art on display. I really liked how different each of these characters was, it made it so you could see the range of different art she could do. You can check out some of this art on her website!


Christian Nava 


Christian is a filmmaker that was at EMcon to share a couple of his favorite films he has made! One of these films was “Bob the Killer” which is going to be in this year’s SOU student film festival! I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the trailer at the convention but you can check it out at the festival on May 30th at 6 pm at the Varsity Theater in downtown Ashland!


Zena Kanes

Instagram: @Zenakanes

Zena also had some awesome illustrations on display at the convention! She does both illustrations and graphic designs which you can check out on her website. I really loved the distinct style that you could see throughout all of her work, everything was very unique!

Moriah Essie

Instagram: @moriah_essie

Moriah had some absolutely beautiful pieces of artwork on display. These illustrations were both in the digital and traditional mediums but no matter the medium they all had the same beautiful look.


Anna Hodges


Anna makes some absolutely adorable characters. At the convention, we were able to watch the new animatic that will also be in this year’s SOU student film festival. These were some of my favorite characters to look through!


J. Lynn Zheng

Instagram: @jzheng1996

This was one of the most aesthetically pleasing setups to see! J is a photographer and had an awesome display of polaroids at the table. I loved this, it looked like Instagram in person!


These were just a few of the people that were at EMcon4! Overall there were tons of awesome showcases of the work these students spend so much time on. I loved having a chance to see all of their hard work and chat with the artists in person. This was an awesome experience that I highly recommend you check out next year!

That’s all I have for now, make sure you check out these amazing people and don’t forget to follow the blog!

Until next time,
– Torre

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