Films. Student Films. (Scene 2)

Hey Art Around the Rogue lovers! It’s Danielle again, here to give you the lowdown on this years SOU Student Film Festival (SOUSFF)!


So I just got home from going to SOUSFF for the first time and all I can say is WOW! It was so amazing! Once again I’m kicking myself for not going to the awesome events thrown by SOU and in Ashland before my senior year.

Anyways… I was blown away by all of the student talent and so I will attempt to give you a glimpse into what SOUSFF was like this year. Here we go!

In 2 short hours the audience was given the opportunity to see 22 unique and amazing films made by the talented students of SOU. The theater was packed with people eager to see just what SOUSFF was made of. Once everyone was settled in, with more chairs added in the back to accommodate the high volume of people, we began (you can see the packed theater in my crappy picture below). The very first film shown was by Art Around the Rogue’s very own Torre Brown! Her film, “It’s Been a While”, was beautifully shot and represented a narrative that we can all relate to, fading away from people we thought would be forever friends. I might be biased but I thought it was super well done, and I have no doubt Torre will make other amazing films in the future.



Other than Torre’s film I also loved “Realistic Kit-Kat Commercial”, “Bob the Killer”, “The Last Letter”, and “Matches”. All of these short films were impressive for their own very unique concept. The “Realistic Kit-Kat Commercial” was a believable look into the aggrivating noises that come from eating a Kit-Kat bar. “Bob the Killer” was a look into the fumblings of a hilariously bad serial killer. “The Last Letter” was an emotional piece about a love that was unwillingly lost. I really loved the film style and the imagery of this film. “Matches” was a super cool music video for the local band Slow Corpse. This piece blew me away with how well put together it was, and what an awesome story it told.


I could go on and on, but I will start to wrap it up for ya. SOUSFF was an experience that I am so grateful to have had. If you were there I’m sure you feel the same. If you weren’t… I’ll try not to hold it against you but check it out next year!

That’s all for now faithful readers. Be sure to keep looking out for Art Around the Rogue’s bi-weekly posts about the epic art and culture in the Rogue Valley!

Until next time,


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