Southern Oregon Painted Rocks

Hello fellow Art Around the Rogue supporters!

Amanda here… sadly, for the last time! Art Around the Rogue has had a good ride, but with the end of the term here, we have to part ways and say our goodbyes!

Don’t fret, Art will always be in the world around us, just don’t forget to notice it and enjoy it! You can remember us and our time here when you do.

Here’s a little article about cute little painted rocks you may find around your community:


Picture from #SOPR’s Facebook page

Southern Oregon Painted Rocks is a group that spreads random acts of kindness through sharing small pieces of artwork by painting rocks and leaving them in different places for people to find. Anyone is welcomed to join in on the fun and can leave clues for others to find them. Many people post their findings to SOPR’s Facebook page.
Here are instructions from SOPR’s Facebook page on how to participate:
  • Paint/decorate a rock (acrylic paint works great, with a top coat sealant)
  • Write “Post on Facebook at #SOPR” on back
  • Post a picture and a hint to where it can be found (park, school, etc.)
  • Hide rock for others to find

Found a rock?

  • Take a picture and post it so hiders know it was found. Easy to follow if you post your found rock under the original post as a comment
  • Keep the rock or re-hide it
  • If re-hide, post a hint to where it can be found

Please follow these guidelines to avoid confusion

  • Do not hide in or around small businesses unless you are the business owner (I think the larger shopping centers should be ok)
  • Make sure ALL rocks are sealed and marked #SOPR. If they are not marked, please leave them where you found them
  • Please do not paint over or alter the work on a rock you found. Please respect others hard work and time. The only exception would be if the art was messed up, chipped off, etc. Then it may be touched up

To clarify:

  • You do NOT have to re-hide rocks you found
  • You do not have to paint rocks
  • You do not have to hide rocks
  • You do not have to find rocks

This activity and group is only for fun and inspired by Coos County Rocks and West Coast Painted Rocks.


Picture from #SOPR’s Facebook page


I hope you enjoyed this article on a little artistic inspiration. I hope you enjoyed this art blog done by my colleagues and I. We enjoyed our short time with you all and hope you continue to see the different artistic inspiration in the world around you!

Thanks for all the support.

Amanda (and the #ArtRogue team)

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