About Us

Welcome to Art Around the Rogue! We are a group of college students bumbling our way through writing about local art and culture. Although we may not be “artists” in the traditional sense of the word, we all love and appreciate art in our own way. With our very diverse backgrounds we all have a different perspective on the local art and culture scene. Follow along with us as we discover and explore all that the diverse Rogue Valley has to offer! #ArtRogue

Learn more about us as individuals by reading our bio’s below!

art blog danielle

Hi! My name is Danielle and I am a Senior at Southern Oregon University. I am studying Business Hospitality and Tourism, and my dream is to work in the sustainable business industry. In my free time I love to run, cycle, rock climb, and geek out about sustainability. I am a lover of ice cream, coffee, and pretentious films. I have always been a fan of both art and culture but writing about it will be a new experience for me. Nice to meet you, and come on this journey with me! Let’s learn about local art and culture together! @danielle_akins

art blog amanda

Hello, my name is Amanda Johnson and I am a Junior at Southern Oregon University. I am currently studying Communications with a focus on Social Media and Public Engagement. I do enjoy the outdoors, photography, museums, artwork, and playing the violin, which I consider apart of the arts and culture family. Although, my knowledge on arts and culture are not up to par, I am learning and enjoying this adventure on blogging about it! Follow myself and my team as we gain knowledge and grow our blog about local arts and culture! @mandajjxo

art blog torre

Hey Guys! My name is Torre Brown and this is my second year at Southern Oregon University. I am studying Emerging media and Digital Arts along with communications with an emphasis in film. I had lived in sunny San Diego all my life until I moved up to Ashland two years ago to further my education in film away from the big Hollywood industry in LA. One of my favorite things about living in Ashland is how it is a town consumed by art and anywhere I go is a beautiful place to film. My favorite thing to do is capture the world through my lens and I hope to share other artists doing the same through this blog! @torretravels

art blog hailey

Hi all! My name is Hailey Rau, I’m currently studying Communication with a minor in Psychology at Southern Oregon University. I have lived in Southern Oregon my entire life, enjoy spending my free time outdoors hiking, exploring the mountains, attending concerts, travelling and exploring unique cuisines from around the world. I love exploring new cultures. I strive to learn more about the people whom share this world. Our posts will focus on arts and culture in the local Rogue Valley & what make our towns so special. Follow me on twitter @haileyrau to see what I’m up to!  

art blog tony

Whats up peeps, my name is Tony Tovaraz. I am a senior at Southern Oregon University majoring in Communications. I am originally from the bay area. In my free time, when I have it, l love to workout, play basketball, and hang with friends. This blog is for learning purposes for Communication 323, but luckily I have the interesting topic of art and culture. I hope to find awesome hidden art around the Rogue Valley. Follow me on twitter @Tsquard5