Southern Oregon Painted Rocks

Hello fellow Art Around the Rogue supporters!

Amanda here… sadly, for the last time! Art Around the Rogue has had a good ride, but with the end of the term here, we have to part ways and say our goodbyes!

Don’t fret, Art will always be in the world around us, just don’t forget to notice it and enjoy it! You can remember us and our time here when you do.

Here’s a little article about cute little painted rocks you may find around your community:


Picture from #SOPR’s Facebook page

Southern Oregon Painted Rocks is a group that spreads random acts of kindness through sharing small pieces of artwork by painting rocks and leaving them in different places for people to find. Anyone is welcomed to join in on the fun and can leave clues for others to find them. Many people post their findings to SOPR’s Facebook page.
Here are instructions from SOPR’s Facebook page on how to participate:
  • Paint/decorate a rock (acrylic paint works great, with a top coat sealant)
  • Write “Post on Facebook at #SOPR” on back
  • Post a picture and a hint to where it can be found (park, school, etc.)
  • Hide rock for others to find

Found a rock?

  • Take a picture and post it so hiders know it was found. Easy to follow if you post your found rock under the original post as a comment
  • Keep the rock or re-hide it
  • If re-hide, post a hint to where it can be found

Please follow these guidelines to avoid confusion

  • Do not hide in or around small businesses unless you are the business owner (I think the larger shopping centers should be ok)
  • Make sure ALL rocks are sealed and marked #SOPR. If they are not marked, please leave them where you found them
  • Please do not paint over or alter the work on a rock you found. Please respect others hard work and time. The only exception would be if the art was messed up, chipped off, etc. Then it may be touched up

To clarify:

  • You do NOT have to re-hide rocks you found
  • You do not have to paint rocks
  • You do not have to hide rocks
  • You do not have to find rocks

This activity and group is only for fun and inspired by Coos County Rocks and West Coast Painted Rocks.


Picture from #SOPR’s Facebook page


I hope you enjoyed this article on a little artistic inspiration. I hope you enjoyed this art blog done by my colleagues and I. We enjoyed our short time with you all and hope you continue to see the different artistic inspiration in the world around you!

Thanks for all the support.

Amanda (and the #ArtRogue team)

The New World of Virtual Reality

Hey art lovers!

It’s Torre here to talk to you about a very new thing to the world of film and also the SOU campus. I’m talking about virtual reality! What is Virtual Reality (VR)  you ask? It is a 360-degree video that you can interact with either with a VR headset or by scrolling with your phone around the 360 world.

Now you might be wondering why I am talking about VR and that a wonderful question. I am currently in a class at SOU that is focused on this new medium and I think it is awesome. This type of video is so new that there is not much information or “rules” on how to use it and I love that. We are the creators that get to experiment and make the rules and we get to try new things daily which is pretty amazing!

In this post, I wanted to share with you a couple of VR videos that people at SOU have created that can be found on the SOU VR Vimeo page! So grab a VR headset, move your phone around, or scroll with your mouse/finger and enjoy!

First I will show you my personal documentary “on the road”

I made this film to take you along on my journeys in my car to some of my favorite places. I thought this would be a fun way to play with VR and test out how it looks when you travel in 360!

Here are some of my favorites from the class:

Adam Hill’s “Dead Indian Memorial Highway”

I love the way Adam used fun and fast edits in this film, it is something I had not seen done before with VR and I think that it made the film that much more interesting to watch!

Sophia Miller’s “Where is my home”

Sophia does an amazing job sharing a narrative with this film, not only do we get to see beautiful Ashland but we get to hear why this place is so special to her!

Mylz Blake’s “My Creative Space”

This documentary plays with the voiceover to direct the audience to look around Mylz’s Creative Space. This video has tons of creative shots and also caputures the true emotion of these peoples lives!

Presley Lambert’s Soccer “Mini Doc”

This video is fun for me to watch because of how it has been shot, the more you watch the more interactive it becomes which is really awesome! At one point the girls are even kicking a soccer ball over your head, pretty neat.

Zach Beltz’s “Rouge Valley”

This is a film of a time-lapse of a sunrise! It is very simple but at the same time is a beautiful video to just take a second and look around. I think this is one of the best ways to use 360-video.

I hope you enjoyed being in these 360 worlds for a couple of minutes! Hopefully, this post has given you some insight of the new world of VR and maybe influenced you to watch more or even make your own!

To see more of what SOU VR makes follow on Vimeo!

That’s all I have for now,

– Torre

Grants Pass Balloon & Kite Festival

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 10.46.20 AM

Hot air balloons always have a had an incredible magic allure. Did you know you now have the ability to admire their beauty here in the Rouge Valley? The Rouge Valley Balloon and Kite Festival happens in Grants Pass, Oregon. This year it was during June 2, 2017-June 4th, 2017. There are food venders, beautiful balloons, and kites in a ton of different brilliant colors, shapes and sizes. There are also many kid friendly activities, food, and music. This is truly an event of all ages and one you should enjoy! Parking is $5 but all other events and activities are free of charge. This is a smoking and alcohol event. So next year do not miss out on this awesome event.


Films. Student Films. (Scene 2)

Hey Art Around the Rogue lovers! It’s Danielle again, here to give you the lowdown on this years SOU Student Film Festival (SOUSFF)!


So I just got home from going to SOUSFF for the first time and all I can say is WOW! It was so amazing! Once again I’m kicking myself for not going to the awesome events thrown by SOU and in Ashland before my senior year.

Anyways… I was blown away by all of the student talent and so I will attempt to give you a glimpse into what SOUSFF was like this year. Here we go!

In 2 short hours the audience was given the opportunity to see 22 unique and amazing films made by the talented students of SOU. The theater was packed with people eager to see just what SOUSFF was made of. Once everyone was settled in, with more chairs added in the back to accommodate the high volume of people, we began (you can see the packed theater in my crappy picture below). The very first film shown was by Art Around the Rogue’s very own Torre Brown! Her film, “It’s Been a While”, was beautifully shot and represented a narrative that we can all relate to, fading away from people we thought would be forever friends. I might be biased but I thought it was super well done, and I have no doubt Torre will make other amazing films in the future.



Other than Torre’s film I also loved “Realistic Kit-Kat Commercial”, “Bob the Killer”, “The Last Letter”, and “Matches”. All of these short films were impressive for their own very unique concept. The “Realistic Kit-Kat Commercial” was a believable look into the aggrivating noises that come from eating a Kit-Kat bar. “Bob the Killer” was a look into the fumblings of a hilariously bad serial killer. “The Last Letter” was an emotional piece about a love that was unwillingly lost. I really loved the film style and the imagery of this film. “Matches” was a super cool music video for the local band Slow Corpse. This piece blew me away with how well put together it was, and what an awesome story it told.


I could go on and on, but I will start to wrap it up for ya. SOUSFF was an experience that I am so grateful to have had. If you were there I’m sure you feel the same. If you weren’t… I’ll try not to hold it against you but check it out next year!

That’s all for now faithful readers. Be sure to keep looking out for Art Around the Rogue’s bi-weekly posts about the epic art and culture in the Rogue Valley!

Until next time,


SOU Film Festival (Scene 1)


Hello #ArtRogue followers! This featured blog post is in preparation of an event all students at Southern Oregon University are proud of: the 2017 Southern Oregon University Film Festival!

For those who are unfamiliar with the event, it is May 30th at the Varsity Theater in Ashland at 6:00pm. The festival will feature 21 short films from 17 student film makers. Organized by the SOU Film Club and the “Film Festival Programming and Promotion” class, the event is open to the public and completely FREE! The event has nearly twice the amount of films featured as last year, and has experienced an increase in community involvement as well. Planners expect this year’s film festival to produce the largest crowd thus far.

Stay connected with the event by following it on multiple social media platforms! See the photo below! #SOUSFF17


Films in drama, comedy, animation, music videos and documentaries all will be shown. Below is a list of the line up! You all might recognize a familiar name among the student directors as well! Our very own Art Around the Rogue blogger Torre Brown’s work was chosen as one of the films to be shown the night of the 30th!


Imogen Straub
“The Better Half”

Patrick Fitzsimmons
“Coffee Run”

Yang Liu

Hanna Mock
“john The Astronaut”

Christian Nava
“Bob The Killer”

Jimmy Leavens
“Dark Roast”

Valerie Bean
“Pencil Monster”

Megan Davey
“Locally Grown”

Darwin Garrett
“Good Friend”

Tamaria Favell
“Don’t Fuckin’ Die”

Tyler Myers
“Unbearable Grief”

Austin Halvorsen

Chris Lawruk
“Realistic Kit Kat Commercial”

Moriah Doepken
“The Last Letter”

Piers Dennis

Cailin Tamplin
“Fantasy Of Stan”

Anna Hodges
“Foul Weather Friends”

Sophia Miller
“Waiting Room”

Travis Lorenz
“The Conversation”


Come support the up-and-coming producers of quality film content from your local Southern Oregon University!

And can I just mention again, this event is FREE!

Once again, the Film Festival seating is a first come first serve basis, so don’t be late! However, don’t worry if you do miss the event we will be a posting full review of the event, highlighting our favorite moments, filling you in on all things missed.

To be continued…

Culture in the Rogue Valley

Hey there folks! Amanda here…

For my blog post today I was planning on visiting a local art structure to blog about, but honestly lost track of time with this beautiful weather the Rogue Valley has been having!

I have found myself wandering on some local adventures, and thought what better cultural experience to blog about than what most Rogue Valley residents have been doing these past few weeks of sunny weather!?

Sorry to my fellow classmate bloggers who touch on travel and outdoor experiences… Rather than discussing the “traveling” and “outdoors” experience, I am hoping to focus this post on the more cultural side of these beautiful hikes/adventures!

Here are some photos I have recently captured on these beautiful adventures:

Butte Falls: 


Not much of a hike like most of the ones I am going to discuss, but still a must for locals to experience and just as beautiful. Butte Falls is about a half hour drive outside of Eagle Point and it is a gorgeous drive. The “hike” itself is actually about a five minute walk that ends at these beautiful falls you see here.

Lumberjacks from Michigan started cutting down pine trees for timber above Big Butte Creek in the early 1900’s. This lead to finding the town close by. The Pacific and Eastern Railroad started in Medford and reached Butte Falls by 1910. Making Butte Falls no longer isolated.
More history of Butte Falls can be found here.



Emigrant Lake:emigrantlake

As many locals know, Emigrant Lake is another must see in the culture of the Rogue Valley. Many local families and students enjoy their time here during the long summer days.

There are many different “spots” around the lake to either hike the trails and enjoy unique spots, or to just simply get out your boat and have some fun.

The reservoir of Emigrant lake was made in 1924. Originally the arch dam was 110-foot concrete that was built by the Talent Irrigation District for irrigation and flood control. Later in 1960, the United States Bureau of Reclamation made the dam into the 204-foot structure filled with rock we have today.

Lower (and Upper) Table Rock: tablerock

Both Table Rocks are one of many go-to hikes for locals in the Rogue Valley. A short drive outside of Central Point, you can choose either Lower (the view pictured here,) or Upper Table Rock to hike. They both are very different, but each an awesome hike.

The Table Rocks are a huge part of the Rogue Valley culture. From Hike Table Rocks, it reads “The 125-foot-thick andesite rims capping these U-shaped mesas are remnants of a lava flow that snaked down the Rogue River Valley 9.6 million years ago from vents east of Prospect. Since then, erosion has worn away the softer surrounding rock, leaving the hard andesite perched 800 feet above the plain. Why are the mesas U-shaped? Geologists propose that the curves were originally horseshoe bends in the river channel where the lava flowed.”

Roxy-Anne Peak:  roxyannapeak

Roxy-Anne Prescott Park is yet another favorite hike with many different trails that lead to the top of Roxy-Anne Peak. Locals enjoy this hike just about all year round and is apart of the Rogue Valley’s culture.

“The park totals 1740 acres and consists of 200 acres purchased by the Lions Club and donated to the City in 1930 and 1500 acres purchased by the City via the Federal Lands to Parks Act in 1931.  It is believed that the additional 40 acre parcel was purchased from a private party but records are unclear.

Constable George J. Prescott was a member of the Lions Club and a big supporter of park development.  He was shot in the line of duty, and in 1937 Mayor Furnas dedicated the park as ‘Prescott Park.'” – City of Medford 

Applegate Lake: applegatelake 

Applegate Lake is a go-to location in the summertime. There are many different “spots” and locations you can find by adventuring around the lake.

The history and culture of this lake is important to those who reside in the Valley. Formed in 1980, Applegate Lake was made into an earth filled dam to control the watershed and fish by the Army Corp of Engineers.

If you’re interested to learn more on Applegate, click here.

Mill Creek Falls:millcreekfalls  

Lastly, my personal and many other locals’ favorite, Mill Creek Falls. This beautiful trail hike is just outside prospect and is a beautiful walk. You can either end up near the area pictured here (which is fun to explore,) or lower down near the bottom of the bigger waterfall.

It is not known when or by whom the falls were discovered. The town of Prospect settled in 1882, so it is possible the falls were found then. It is said that some of the earlier photographs of the falls were usually taken from the bottom of the Rogue River canyon.

This information and more can be found here.

Well, if you have made it this far, you are a trooper!

In all seriousness, I hope you found this blog post insightful. I know it is not your typical “art and culture” point of view, but I like to think that Art Around the Rogue looks for art and culture in all aspects of life, and this just so happens to be mine.

Thank you for reading, and I hope to catch you next time!

Wishing you all the best adventures in the culture around you,


Illustrators to Filmmakers at SOU’s EMcon4

What’s up my art lovers!
This last Friday, May 19th, was Southern Oregon University’s fourth annual EMcon event! If you weren’t able to make it out don’t you worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are a few of the awesome people that were there and the work they showcased this year!


Junie Maupin
Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: @juniemaupin

Junie is one of the artists at this year’s convention. She had a ton of different artwork that had been done over a couple of years to show off like this one!

These drawings were done in both the digital and traditional medium. Overall I thought the art was super cute, and I hear there is a possible children’s book in the making! How cool!

Noe Benites
Instagram and Twitter: @NO_EHHH

This was one of my favorite things to see at the convention! Noe has made a couple different shoe designs that he had on display along with a prototype of one of the shoes! This was awesome because you could see his entire process and actually hold the first version of his shoe. Super cool and I’m sure a LOT of work!

Paris Hall
Instagram: @potatesart

Paris is a character concept artist and also had some pretty cool art on display. I really liked how different each of these characters was, it made it so you could see the range of different art she could do. You can check out some of this art on her website!


Christian Nava 


Christian is a filmmaker that was at EMcon to share a couple of his favorite films he has made! One of these films was “Bob the Killer” which is going to be in this year’s SOU student film festival! I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the trailer at the convention but you can check it out at the festival on May 30th at 6 pm at the Varsity Theater in downtown Ashland!


Zena Kanes

Instagram: @Zenakanes

Zena also had some awesome illustrations on display at the convention! She does both illustrations and graphic designs which you can check out on her website. I really loved the distinct style that you could see throughout all of her work, everything was very unique!

Moriah Essie

Instagram: @moriah_essie

Moriah had some absolutely beautiful pieces of artwork on display. These illustrations were both in the digital and traditional mediums but no matter the medium they all had the same beautiful look.


Anna Hodges


Anna makes some absolutely adorable characters. At the convention, we were able to watch the new animatic that will also be in this year’s SOU student film festival. These were some of my favorite characters to look through!


J. Lynn Zheng

Instagram: @jzheng1996

This was one of the most aesthetically pleasing setups to see! J is a photographer and had an awesome display of polaroids at the table. I loved this, it looked like Instagram in person!


These were just a few of the people that were at EMcon4! Overall there were tons of awesome showcases of the work these students spend so much time on. I loved having a chance to see all of their hard work and chat with the artists in person. This was an awesome experience that I highly recommend you check out next year!

That’s all I have for now, make sure you check out these amazing people and don’t forget to follow the blog!

Until next time,
– Torre

EMCon Don’t Miss it

HellSOU-SOAR-EMCon-4o faithful followers! I  have an awesome event at Southern Oregon university you do not want to miss. EMCon Is the emerging media convection where students, alumni community, businesses, and professionals have spent months creating video games and new imaginative art pieces. The purpose of the event is to be able to collaborate and expand support networks in the digital media world.  Whether you are an art lover, video game fan, or just want to see what those at SOU are up to come check out this event! A highlight of the event is the Artist Alley. This is where students are given tabling space to set-up and display their portfolios. This is a huge thing for students at SOU, as The Artist Alley is a chance to  network with potential employers, gain potential freelance opportunities, and meet fellow students with similar passions.The event is Friday May 19th  on campus in Stevenson Union is the rogue river room from 10am to 5pm. Hope to see you there!


Women, Work, and Wine: Culture in Business

Hey faithful readers! It’s Danielle again, here to tell you about my latest venture in the culture of the Rogue Valley. As I’ve said before, I’m not super artistic, and I’ve never really been very involved in the art world. Business is my comfort zone, and its one of the things that I love to talk about, so I figured I’d share that with all of you! In all of my writing I have the tendency to ramble so I’ll try to keep it short and sweet for you. 🙂

This week, my cultural experience took me to the Women’s Leadership Conference (WLC). This last Friday, 400 women descended on the Ashland Hills Hotel to celebrate women in business, network, and listen to amazing speakers and I was lucky enough to be one of them.

The day began at 8 am and lasted until 6 pm. It was everything I had imagined it would be and SO MUCH MORE! I saw two keynote speakers, 4 breakout session speakers, met amazing women, ate delicious food, and had a great time!

In the short time that I was there I learned so much, and I was deeply inspired. I am about to graduate from SOU and with that comes the terrifying leap into “the real world”. I am extremely excited for this next chapter, but I am also extremely nervous. However, meeting all of these successful and amazing women eased my stress. At one time, they were all exactly where I was, and they used their passion, and determination to succeed. This was exactly the boost I needed in order to finish out the rest of my college experience and take the leap into my career.

Yeah, yeah you say, what does this have to do with art and culture Danielle? Calling business art may be a stretch, but business, and especially this conference are definitely parts of the Rogue Valley culture. I would encourage everyone, business student or not, woman or man, to attend this conference next year and open yourselves up to a career altering experience.

Check out the website and get a glimpse at all that the WLC has to offer you!

Thanks for reading!




Grants Pass Steps Up in the World of Art, Proving it has More to Offer than Just Good Coffee.


I grew up in rural Southern Oregon, our five-acre farm was a half hour away from the closest town which was Grants Pass, OR. It wasn’t until I moved away did I recognize the cultural uniqueness this small town carried. Downtown Grants Pass, lined with its artistic details from buildings first established in the 1800’s, hosts a handful of events throughout the year: Boatnik, Saturday Farmers Market, Concerts in the Park, Art Along the Road, Bearfest and First Friday Art Nights. However, even on quiet weekday nights, like the one I videoed, the small town welcomes you to explore in its comforting atmosphere.

The river town promotes the outdoors as well as unique, antique stores surrounded by a plethora of coffee shops. Statistically speaking, Grants Pass has 1 coffee shop per 900 people; I was interested to find if the small town had more to offer than just good coffee?

Signs claimed the Rogue Valley is the next Napa Valley and micro-brews filled brick buildings which reminisced of times passed. The twinkling, decorative lights glided from one tree to the next as the sun set. The fresh smell of sweet dogwood flowers drifted towards me and was accompanied by distant laughter from residents enjoying company and good times. I passed the iconic “It’s the Climate” sign, first hung in 1920, it hangs in central downtown Grants Pass. I visited the 17-foot tall Caveman statue, the mascot of Grants Pass, as it welcomed people to the north end of town. This small town is perfect for a laid-back date night, or a cultural adventure on your own (just like I did), nonetheless Grants Pass shares enjoyable views and delicious eateries to all.

Dubbed the historical district, my GoPro tagged along as I experienced the culture of Grants Pass and the sites it offered. Art has filled the entire downtown district, as the weather warms and the days become longer, I highly recommend an evening spent absorbing the unique culture it provides.

…And maybe even sipping a cup of coffee while you’re at it.

Below is a link to the short video I created which summarizes my evening in Grants Pass. Hope it gives you all ideas to where you would like to visit!

CLICK HERE!! GoPro Video Summarizing Grants Pass Culture