Oregon Fringe Festival Success




Photo by @oregonfringe on Instagram

The 2017 Oregon Fringe Festival was a huge success that began Wednesday and concluded on Saturday. The four days the festival consisted of were packed of incredible creativity and was enjoyed by an incredible amount of people over the weekend. The festival displayed local art, film, music and theatre student acts. The non-traditional venues really brought together the vast excellence this festival brought to Ashland for yet another year. Student producers and Fringe representatives worked incredibly hard to host another excellent festival and that is exactly what they did.

This year’s Fringe Fest goers were especially looking forward to the performances by Mark Applebaum and James Donlon.


Photo by @oregonfringe on Instagram


Students and guests greatly enjoyed watching Applebaum’s performance. Also, Donlon’s theater act, Monsters, which included SOU’s theater students. The performances were so incredible that the audiences practically were lost during the shows. Although these events were not your “typical” artistic activity, they were beyond beautiful and made it difficult to look away.

Oregon Fringe Festival had another amazing year broadening the artistic experience one can have while being unconventional.


Although this year’s festival has come to a close, you can still see pictures and videos of the event on their social media platforms! They may not be the same as they were in person,  but they still show the compassion and hard work that was put into this event.

Photos by @oreognfringe on Instagram

For those of you who were unable to make it to this year’s Fringe Festival, you might have missed out! Just be sure to make it out next year to see what the festival has up their sleeve next!

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