The Schneider Museum of Art

Hey art lovers!

This week I (Torre) went to the Schneider Museum of Art on the SOU campus to check out the Digital Media and Technology Installation! One of the really cool things about this museum is that they rotate through new artist’s work and themes each term. The installation in this post will be open for viewing until May 27, 2017! This terms theme revolves around technology based art, a lot of the pieces have video overlays or interactive experiences linked with them. Here were a couple of my favorites!

This is an interactive video experience made by Nina Katchadourian called Acca Dacca Diptych. This piece has two video monitors that work together with the music from AC/DC in the headphones. I thought this was kinda weird at first but in her artist statement, Nina explains how these videos were made on her phone while she was traveling on airplanes. Her collars are even made from airplane seats and lavatory covers! A little strange but hey, a good way not to be bored on the plane.

This next piece “book” is by Peter Sarkisian. This initially doesn’t look like much, it is just a book on a shelf, but when you walk up the closer you can see that there is actually a video overlay of a man writing all over the dictionary playing. Pretty sweet! Peter’s explains his aim in his Artist’s statement and expresses his commitment to using video throughout many different “traditional” mediums. In this specific piece he is using video on top of a dictionary he found to evoke thought by the viewer! Overall this is just a fun piece you can just keep watching for a good amount of time because it is constantly changing.
There are so many more interesting pieces of art in the museum right now that I highly recommend you go check it out yourself! You can see more of my time at the museum in the video linked below!

The Schneider Museum of Art Video



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